• The mission of the Atchison Public School District shall be to identify and remove all barriers
 to promote equal opportunities for success by all students.

    Building Successful Futures:
    Every Student, Every Day

  • Central School Programs

    Atchison Alternative Educational Programs are a unique combination of programs that provides educational services to the students of the USD 409. Academic, vocational, and/or therapeutic programs will be provided through an individualized, student-centered approach. Programs will be attentive to the needs of the students and will be very sensitive to the variety of learning styles among students. Atchison Alternative Educational Programs will work with each student to assess academic and career goals in order to provide instructional opportunities. Emphasis will be placed on helping students develop self-discipline and responsibility – an expected behavior in the workplace. Staff will maintain and model an orderly learning environment through fair and respectful treatment of students. A fundamental belief of these educational programs is that all students are of value. They need guidance to find and develop the positive qualities they possess. We understand that many will have histories of failure in the “traditional” settings. Thus, our goal is to strive to find creative approaches to their learning which will enable them to experience success and create satisfying futures. We understand that many students may come to an alternative school setting with life circumstances, which present barriers to their success. We will strive to be non-judgmental, to provide a structured environment that is not rigid, but is a supportive environment that fosters success and self-confidence. We, the staff of the Atchison Alternative School, believe that: All students can and will learn; Each student is an individual with specific needs; Providing a safe educational environment for students and staff is our primary responsibility and, therefore, certain behaviors will never be tolerated at the program site regardless of the student’s background and/or disability; We put into practice a consistent and reliable behavioral program for all students that assists students to make good decisions, to be respectful and safe, and to accept responsibility and accountability for their decisions; Building strong and appropriate relationships with students is fundamental to achieving positive behavioral change and educational attainment; Through our guidance, students will grow and adapt in order to meet the behavioral standards expected of our society; Team involvement and collaboration is a critical component to the success of our program; including parents and students in making decisions relative to their academic and behavioral plans. Students can meet the educational standards established by the State of Kansas.


    Our book, GOOD KIDS WRITE, is printed! Contact Mrs. Augustine at the Atchison Alternative School for your copy. This collection of best writings sells for $9.50, with profits from the sale going back to the writing program for next year. If you have ever wondered what kids are thinking, this book is for you. 

    or  660-641-2902 call or text
  • What's Going on at Atchison Alternative School?

    BooK Intro for Poetry

    Nathanial Wheat's Essay

    What is your Dream ?

    At the Alternative school, students have been learning about cells in Biology.  First they drew and labeled the cell.  Then they made a cell out of play dough and for the last step they was made an edible cell.  Can you imagine eating a cell?